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This item valid for ages: 8 through 18.998

$ 1,450.00


MSTC Comp Programs – Starting Saturday Dec 6th and offered every Weekend day until March 29th; also operating on 12/26,12/29, and 12/30 during Christmas Week, 2/16, President's Monday. Additional add –a-day training days will be announced at an additional cost per day.

**Comp Program pricing does not include membership to USSA, USASA, VARA or any other organization that governs the competitions that the MSTC participates in, these fees and individual race and or competition event fees are additional to the program cost. Coaching requested beyond the end date of the program (3/29/15) is available for Regional and National Events, however the expenses for the coaches travel and lodging are to be split equally per participating competitor.

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